"People have asked me why Jordan's Rooftop is doing so much to help celebrate the return of Michael Jordan to pro basketball," said Al Jordan, owner of Jordan's Rooftop Restaurant. "They want to know why Jordan's Rooftop is being transformed into 'Hoops Heaven'."

Known as the originator of Jordan's Rooftop Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Summer
Entertainment series, restaurateur Jordan is highlighting his tenth anniversary as Ocean City's only rooftop restaurant by dedicating his lounge and other significant areas of his restaurant to Michael Jordan.

"Jordan's Rooftop in now Ocean City's home of Michael Jordan and the Wizards because Michael's return is sports history," Jordan said. "The return of Michael Jordan to pro basketball is sports history that is unfolding chapter by chapter. It seems that a broad base of fans want to enjoy every single page of this edition."

Located on the top floor of the Fenwick Inn at 138th St. and Coastal Highway in Ocean City, Jordan's Rooftop offers a festive fall sports atmosphere and one of the best visual perspectives from eight stories above Ocean City.

"At Jordan's Rooftop, we want to try to accommodate as many people as possible by screening all Wizards' regular season games via closed circuit TV," Jordan said. "Jordan's Rooftop will also offer happy hour beverage prices in the lounge during the Washington Wizards' games. This means you will find Coors Light Drafts for $1 in the lounge."

Jordan said he was "...truly amazed by the way fans are responding to the return to pro basketball by Michael Jordan."

Just consider some of the recent events surrounding Michael Jordan.

"In Alburn Hills, Mich., the Detroit Piston's game against the Washington Wizards was totally sold out when Michael Jordan played his first exhibition," Jordan said. "A sell out for an exhibition game never happen before in Detroit."

"After Michael played in the first two quarters, the fans at the Palace of Auburn Hills chanted 'We Want Jordan' in the third quarter and 'We Want Michael' in the fourth."

Something similar happened in Miami in the Wizards' game against the Heat where they also chanted "We Want Michael" in the fourth quarter.

"In Miami the management at the American Airline Center had to scurry about to open up all available seats [e.g., the nosebleed seats] because of the overwhelming response to Michael playing in his second exhibition game," Jordan said. "Against the Miami Heat, Michael Jordan played just 12 minutes, but scored 18 points in the first quarter. He put on such a shooting exhibition, it was as if he never left the game for three years. The
Heat fans booed their own player when he purposely fouled Michael on a breakaway
slam dunk attempt. They wanted to see Michael dunk the ball; so the hometown fans booed the Heat player."

"Can you remember the last time something like this happened? These reactions by sports fans are rare indeed." Jordan said. "Although he is just getting up to speed for the regular season, Michael Jordan scored 24 points in his third game and 41 in his fourth exhibition game."

"He is a true sports phenomenon," Jordan said. "No other basketball player has ever caused this kind of excitement. Sports fans of all ages are turning out to see Michael Jordan's successful return to pro basketball."

His popularity has spilled over to clothing sales as well. "Do you know what the fastest selling piece of apparel has been for the past four weeks?" Jordan asked. "You are right. Michael Jordan's number 23 Washington Wizards' basketball jersey is outselling everything in sight, even at the price of $42. After last season's dismal performance, the place to buy Washington Wizards apparel was in the extreme markdown sections of T.J.
Maxx and Marshall's; but, not this season."

The fans' expectations of Michael Jordan's impact on the Wizards is a whole other ball game, Jordan acknowledged.

"Last year the Washington Wizards ended up in the basement of the NBA's Atlantic Division and won only 19 games. They finished 37 games out of
first place," Jordan said. "This year, many people are predicting they will make
the play-offs. That is a lofty goal, but with Michael Jordan almost anything
seems to be achievable. Of course, Michael did lead the NBA is scoring
for 10 years and was voted MVP six times."

"This is a clear-cut case of hero worship if I ever saw one," Jordan said. "But more than that, Michael Jordan is an important part of our American culture. He is so overwhelmingly popular that leaving the game for three years has made his return even more captivating."

Finally, Jordan commented on how all this fits in with today's unsettling military and domestic environments. "All things considered, I think we could all use something like the triumphant return of Michael Jordan right about now to help get our minds off of more serious matters," Jordan said. "That, in itself, is a good thing."

Jordan's Rooftop Restaurant, known as Ocean City's home of Michael Jordan and
the Wizards, is located at 138th St. and Coastal Hwy. in Ocean City on the
top floor of the Fenwick Inn. For information call Jordan's Rooftop at